Hi, I’m Sera! I’m a 14 year old girl who loves music, animals, and most importantly – cooking!

I generally write about my adventures in the kitchen, often in exploring recipes from around the world, experimenting with healthy cooking, or figuring out the perfect recipes for favorite foods of mine or my family’s.

On the blog you can expect to find recipes for healthy (ish) dinners, copycat recipes from my favorite bakeries and restaurants, and loads of baked goods and breakfast recipes. I never share a recipe unless I have tested it multiple times and am 101% sure that it is the best it can be, so I only post about once a week so that I can devote each recipe the time it deserves. I’m always looking for fun new things too cook, so please comment or contact me if their are any foods/recipes your curious about making or think I should try!

Thanks for visiting and happy cooking!